Hello, I'm Elizabeth (and Tallis)

I'm a British researcher working in Tokyo, Japan. Tallis is a cat. Of the very furry variety.

I spend my days building galaxies and planets inside my computer (and because galaxies are rather large and laptops keep getting small, in a number of national computing facilities who have bravely given me access) because only being able to see the Universe during 70 odd years in its 13.8 billion year history is frankly disappointingly limiting. My research webpage can be raided for more details.

Apart from attempting to justify my terrorisation of the local population by writing up day-to-day mishaps in my blog, I have penned (or keyboarded) a variety of pieces from science writing to toilets to apocalyptic fiction. A list of these can be found in the 'Inked out' page. 



Messages, screams of adoration and offers to turn my blog into the sensation that makes me the second female novelist to make the Forbes Billionaire List, please fill in the boxes here.

(One time someone took me literally on this suggestion and the devastating result can be found under 'book'.)

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