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Non-fiction popular science:
September 2017
(USA November 2017)

How weird are worlds around other stars?

Weird. Really weird.

Super-sized Jupiters orbit their stars closer than Mercury, while Earth-sized worlds have years lasting mere hours and crusts of molten magma. Other planets are on bent orbits where the seasons change the weather by a 1000 degrees, while around a neighbouring star circle split worlds with hemispheres of everlasting day and perpetual, neverending night.

There are planets that orbit twin suns like Luke Skywalker's Tatooine and other worlds that have no sun at all but are rogue drifters in the darkness of the Galaxy. Some drown under global oceans thousands of kilometers deep and others have the surfaces of giant comets or diamond mantles with tarry seas. 

These are the cousins of our own Solar System, but could any be like our own Earth?


It was epic, exciting, extreme and something-else-beginning-with-E-that-conjures-images-of-being-mauled-by-bears.

This is a popular science book (yes, I promise you will understand it) on how planets are formed and the weird and wonderful worlds we have discovered beyond our Solar System.

Published by Bloomsbury Sigma Science.

UK Book Tour September 2017


Thursday, September 7th

7pm at the British Interplanetary Society, London

Tickets can be reserved online here. BIS members are free and non-members can purchase a ticket.

Friday, September 8th

1:30pm / 7pm for 'Talking Science' at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire

Tickets are free, but must be reserved (from August)


Sunday, September 10th

2:30pm at the National Space Centre, Leicester 

Included with the entry ticket to the Space Centre


Tuesday, September 12th

7:30pm IOP Evening Lectures, University of Birmingham

Lecture is free to attend 


Wednesday, September 13th

6:30pm IOP Oxford Physics Lectures, Oxford

Tickets are free, but must be reserved 

Australia & Japan Tour October 2017


Thursday, October 19th

6:30pm at Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne

No registration necessary! Just turn up. 


Tuesday, October 24th

8:00pm at ISU Space Cafe in Tokyo

Tickets are ¥1500 and include a drink (and can just be purchased on the door)

N. America Tour November 2017


Sunday, November 5th

4:00pm at East City Bookshop, Washington DC 

I'll be discussing the science & the science fiction, with SciFi author Valerie J. Mikles!


Monday, November 6th

11:30am at the Cosmos Club, Washington DC 

(Members only for this one)

Tuesday, November 7th

8pm at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore 

Free to attend and broadcast online!

Thursday, November 9th

5:30pm at Texas A&M University–Commerce, Texas

The talk is at the planetarium and free to attend

Thursday, November 16th

7:00pm at the University of Wyoming, Laramie

The talk is at the planetarium and free to attend