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[Japan] Japan Writers Conference

Japan Writers Conference

Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo

Free to attend: details here

The Science in Storytelling

(Joint lecture and Q&A with Amanda Alvarez)

How can the power of storytelling be employed to explain scientific concepts or conversely, can science help tell a story? This session looks at how two science writers use stories in their fields of neuroscience and astrophysics and how science figured prominently in the storytelling of a YA novel.

Creating delight from the cradle to old age, storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging with an audience. There is growing understanding of how and why stories have a powerful effect on the brain, with scientists and communicators using this knowledge to transmit research more effectively to non-specialists and the public. Writers too can take advantage of the principles and power of storytelling.

Two science writers will discuss how narrative, framing and tension are used to tell effective research stories, tackle technical concepts and connect to life outside the lab. These ideas will then be flipped to look at how science helped the storytelling in the YA novel ‘The Center of the Universe’ by Ria Voros, in which Elizabeth features as a character.

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