"Will I regret being here?"

I offer this question upfront as one you might need by the time you are half way through one blog post. I hope you laugh, but suspect a large range of other emotions are also on offer including panic, shock and anxiety that Japan may confine the whole of the Western world to a padded cell after hearing me photograph a toilet.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Welcome to my life.


(If the pictures below look weird, do a tiny resize to your browser window. Something untoward has happened to my set-up...) 

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"There has to be something we haven't completed in this town."

"But our last primary quest was the discussion panel yesterday!"

"... then there must be a side quest."

A tale of two temples

The princess agreed to marry the prince if he completed a thousand temples in one night. By summoning a horde of demons, the prince completed 999 temples before the cock crowed. When the princess refused her hand, he turned her to stone and she became the 1000th statue.

The alien in the corner

The conference in Indonesia was the strangest I'd ever attended. This was partially because it was a mix of scientists, artists and space enthusiasts. And partially because there was an alien in the foyer. 

I get scammed

Today, I got scammed in Yogyukarta. I knew I was being scammed because the method was described word-for-word in reviews I'd read just the day before. And I couldn't stop it happening!

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