"Will I regret being here?"

I offer this question upfront as one you might need by the time you are half way through one blog post. I hope you laugh, but suspect a large range of other emotions are also on offer including panic, shock and anxiety that Japan may confine the whole of the Western world to a padded cell after hearing me photograph a toilet.

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Welcome to my life.


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Foxy beasts

Japan's obsession with organisation has led to the country stuffing all their foxes up a mountain. 

Foxy beasts

Japan's obsession with organisation has led to the country stuffing all their foxes up a mountain. 

How free is Japan's press?

When it comes to historical truths, Japan does not have the best reputation. School textbooks are notorious for glossing over the nastier of Japan's wartime activities, while the government is periodically caught in verifiable lies worthy of Trump's inauguration numbers. But how does this feed into the daily news coverage in modern day Japan?

Is Christianity truly worth anything?

The rise of Daesh has resulted in a huge increase in hate crimes against Muslim citizens. This is due to claims by the terrorist organisation that their abhorrent actions are supported by Islamic doctrine, despite being repeatedly and strongly contested by the Muslim community.  In a backlash to anti-Islam rhetoric, a steadily louder claim has emerged that all religions are a source of evil. This seems to have upset a large number of Christians who believe that Christianity is fundamentally a force for good.

Life at Sun

The Hokkaido Sun Guest House was right in my neighbourhood, situated between my apartment and closest supermarket. The fact I couldn't find it was therefore perturbing.  

Life in Social

I arrived back in Sapporo just before Typhoon Lionrock smacked into Hokkaido.

Life in books

On Sunday night, I fulfilled all of my deepest fantasies.

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