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 A bibliography of articles I am boldly claiming as my own

Science Writing



[September 2017] 'The Planet Factory'.

I TOTALLY WROTE A BOOK! It was epic, exciting, extreme and something-else-beginning-with-E-that-conjures-images-of-being-mauled-by-bears.

This is a popular science book (yes, I promise you will understand it) on how planets are formed and the weird and wonderful worlds we have discovered beyond our Solar System.

Published by Bloomsbury Sigma Science.



[2016] Feature piece for 'Astronomy Magazine' (April), 'New missions mine asteroid secrets', on the Hayabusa2 and OSIRIS-REx sample retrieval missions to the asteroids.


[2015] Feature piece for 'Scientific American' magazine (October), 'Stars of the dead', written with Sarah Symons on her research on ancient Egyptian star tables. 

[2014] 2nd prize in the 'Chemistry World' (UK Royal Society of Chemistry's publication) science communication competition: 'Tunnelling through barriers to explain the impossible'. 800 word article published in their magazine that introduced the work of Professor Naoki Watanabe (Hokkaido University) in exploring how molecules form in the frozen depths of star forming clouds. (Brief description of the competition here.)


'The Conversation':

  1. 'Japanese space agency’s mission aims to uncover how moons of Mars formed', 2017
  2. 'It’s our Solar System in miniature, but could TRAPPIST-1 host another Earth?' (republished by 'Huffington Post' and 'World Economic Forum'), 2017
  3. 'Newly discovered Churchill essay on aliens is a timely reminder of the dangers facing life on Earth' (republished by the 'Huffington Post' and 'Business Insider'), 2017
  4. 'See the cosmos with X-ray vision: Japan’s new Hitomi space telescope' (republished by 'IFLScience'), 2016
  5. 'Why it is misleading to compare exoplanet Kepler-452b to Earth' (republished by 'Gizmodo Australia'), 2015
  6. 'Why is life left-handed?' (republished by 'IFLScience'), 2015
  7. 'After Kepler, what is next for the planet hunters?' (republished by 'IFLScience'), 2015
  8. 'After Rosetta, Japanese mission aims for an asteroid in search of origins of Earth’s water' (republished by 'IFLScience'), 2014

Scientific American Guest Blog:

  1. 'Did the seeds of life come from space?', 2016
  2. 'Yes, we've discovered a planet orbiting the nearest star, but let's not lose our minds', 2016
  3. 'What killed Japan's Hitomi X-ray satellite?', 2016
  4. 'The waves no one can find', 2016
  5. 'The search for answers beneath the bottom of the sea', 2013

'Physics Focus'; a physics-interest space funded by the UK Institute of Physics (IOP): 

  1. 'The search for our beginnings', 2015
  2. 'Reflections on Rosetta', 2014
  3. 'Is university structure anti-research?', 2014
  4. 'The uninhabitable planet: debunking the ESI' (republished by 'The Conversation' and 'io9'), 2014
  5. 'The planet that ought not to be there', 2014
  6. 'Forming the first objects in the Solar System', 2013
  7. 'Are the Milky Way's biggest stars made in violent collisions?' (republished by 'The Conversation', 'Real Clear Science' and 'Phys Org'), 2013
  8. 'Can we do more to help academic parents?', 2013

If Hitomi is Lost, What Science is Lost With It? (Op-Ed), 2016


'Humankind’s Most Ambitious Search for Life’s Beginnings', 2015

[2014] Blog post follow-up for 'Chemistry World' on the hows and whys of the piece entered in their science communication competition.

[2013] Article for 'The Toast', 'How to build a galaxy and fight an army'. 

[2004] 2nd Prize in the Royal Astronomical Society writing competition for graduate students for an article on 'How to Build a Universe'.

[2000] Article published in the university alumni magazine, 'Durham First', on an anti-malaria drug being developed by researchers at Durham University, UK.

[1999] Winner of the Daily Telegraph Young Science Writers Awards with a piece on light emitting plastics.  

Podcast and online talks (OK... technically this isn't written...)

[2017] Astrophiz #30: debunking Earth 2.0 in the Trappist-1 system. 

[2016] Astrophiz #10: debunking Proxima Centauri b.

[2015] TEDxHokkaidoU: How did we begin?

[2015] From Galaxies to Planets (academic seminar to mixed speciality audience at Otaru University of Commerce) 

University outreach

Creator and writer of the research blog for Hokkaido University. (Posts also found under 'Research blog' on this site)

[2016] Hokkaido University's 'Spotlight on Research' publication: compilation of research blog articles presented at the 2016 AAAS meeting in Washington DC. 

[2014] Feature writer for The Hokkaido University Magazine. Five articles written, including cover article 'The Dinosaur Hunter' and 'Veterinary Education Across Boarders'.

[2013] Cover article in The Hokkaido University Magazine: 'With the discovery of the Higgs boson, what is next for Particle Physics?'  

[2010] Newsletter and lecture summary written for the McMaster Origins Institute. I also kept a blog for McMaster University's Department of Physics and Astronomy that covered a number of science seminars.s

Creative Nonfiction

[2015] 2nd prize in category for the "Global Voices from Japan" column contest. The theme was 'internationalisation of Japanese universities'. Article: "Japan, where is your stage?"

[2013] First prize in category for the "Global Voices from Japan" column contest. The theme was 'the position of women in society' and my article discussed the struggle with increasing numbers of female academics in Japanese universities. Article: "Girls, be Ambitious".

[2013]  Guest blogger for GaijinPot: a website for foreigners living in Japan (multiple articles, please click on link for list).

[2013]  Guest blogs for R.A.S.P. publishing house discussing the facts of being a dyslexic writer:

  1. If at first you don't succeed... try Japanese
  2. Santa does not have my soul

[2010] Winner of the Leap Local Travel Writing Competition with a detailed discussion of Japanese plumbing: 'The Toilet-ator'.



[2015] Creative non-fiction story published by Travelers' Tales in their anthology of travel stories, 'Wake up and smell the shit'. October 2015. 

[2014] Fictional short  story 'Darwin's Children' is published by R.A.S.P. as part of their collective work, 'Everything is Spherical: An anthology of Dyslexic Writers'.

[2012] Co-authored piece with composer, Anna Clyne for 'Arcana VI';  a compilation of works by musicians (and this one astrophysicist).