Laptop insomnia

My computer has become a work-a-holic. If you try shutting it down, it dutifully beavers away closing all the programs, ends the operating system session and then .... boots right back up again. At some level, I admire such industriousness. At another, I fear for my files.

It then decided that sleep was over-rated. Like a small child, it tries for less than a minute and then wakes up again. This results in it getting very hot and nuking its battery. If you take the power-cord out and refuse to talk to it, it normally will go to sleep eventually but you don't know for sure until you pick it up later and see if it's become a burning hot potato.

Clearly, someone had to have words and that someone probably had to be Apple. The situation was complicated by the fact the screen was cracked .... I, uh, might have dropped it. I was concerned that if I took it into the store, they'd try to blame the current issues on me, along with the iPhone 4 antenna problems and global warming. Then I'd cry and also refuse to go to sleep like a small child. Really, it wouldn't get us anywhere.

To prevent this, I commanded "Operation Cover Up" which involved a small shop in Toronto's China town and a fixed outer screen. This was particularly good since they were able to replace just the outer glass and not the whole (undamaged) LCD. Removing the entire screen is the default way to mend MacBooks but I discovered the alternative option by finding the required part on It was a bit like Anya finding the last urn of Osiris on eBay in season six of "Buffy".

Except none of that happen and you can't prove it.

Whistling innocently, I took the (still extremely active and un-asleep) laptop into the computer shop on campus. They told me it was a circuit board problem and it could be temporarily fixed by disconnecting the camera.

The former fact was good since it was covered by my warranty and actually confirmed that this really hadn't been my fault. The latter fact was just plain weird. I opted for this temporary fix while they ordered the required part until it emerged ... that the cord marked "camera" also deactivated the wireless.

Who exactly thought this was a good idea?!

So I now have a spicy hot laptop on my knee which I try to cool off by switching the power cord in and out at intervals. All credit to the university store, however, they allowed me to take the laptop away while the new logic board was on order and said they could try and fix it within one day. They are my heroes! And the fact that I claimed I needed my laptop for work and not for role playing will never be mentioned to them.