Overheard in Academia...

While at a buffet dinner reception for young faculty at the university, I was introduced to a new assistant professor working on the structure of planets. 


... The smack down(s) ... 

Captain Planet: "Aah, I do not know how you study galaxies. They are so far away and small! We have an actual planet surface to look at. Something real!"

Me: "Eight. You have eight planetary surfaces. And you can only see them at their current time, not earlier in their history. I have thousands of galaxies spread over 10 giga-years of Universe evolution beatch."


... Later on ...


New guy: "Ah! You both work in the same area!"

Me: "Not .... really. The scale of our research is very different. In my simulations, I cannot see anything smaller than a cluster of stars."

Captain Planet: "While I only have one star in my models!"

New guy: "I work on cell biology."

Me & Captain Planet : "..... you're right. We do the same stuff. "